Become a Financial Virtual Assistant
for Financial Advisors

Expand your client base to include the flourishing financial services industry with great, new clients delivered to you.

✔   No more endlessly searching for new clients.
✔   No more guessing game, wondering if you will work well together.
✔   No more wasting time, money, and marketing to grow your VA business.

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What is a Virtual Assistant for Financial Advisors?

FVAs are professionals with skills in the financial industry to support financial professionals.

Financial Virtual Assistants (FVA’s) who meet our qualifications will be matched with independent Financial Advisors.

Specific areas of support many independent Financial Advisors utilize their FVA for include:

  • Insurance applications & service-based tasks
  • Gathering client information to complete and update insurance forms
  • Communicating coverage, annual reviews, schedules, and financial reports to clients and beneficiaries
  • Assisting clients with tracking and troubleshooting deposits, withdrawals, required minimum distributions (RMD), and transfers
  • Opening, closing, and updating accounts
  • Managing bank transfers and cashier tasks
  • Displaying knowledge and confidence in insurance and medical exam industry terminology
  • FVAs are also capable of learning: how to process alternative investments and death packages

Financial Advisors also need assistance with many of the same tasks other small business owners utilize FVA’s for, including:

  • General administrative support
  • Scheduling
  • Inbox Management
  • Digital file organization
  • Client services support
  • Social media management
  • Website Updates
  • CRM maintenance
  • Payment requests and invoicing

Whether you are completely new to virtual assistance, an experienced VA looking to expand your client base, or a VA with expertise in financial services, this opportunity is for you.

Benefits of Joining Our Team of Qualified Financial Virtual Assistants:

  • We bring the clients to you – No more endlessly searching for new clients.
  • Less trial and error – We ensure you and the Financial Advisors you are matched with will work well together.
  • Save time – Leave the marketing and onboarding new clients to us so you can do what you do best.
  • Grow your client base – Expand your expertise to include the flourishing financial services industry.
  • Invest in the future of your business while actually saving time and money!

The Matching Process

After you sign up to join our team of candidates, we walk you through a process to ensure you’re qualified and a great fit to become a Financial Virtual Assistant.

Not qualified yet? That’s okay. We have a Financial Virtual Assistant training course that will enable you to learn the skills needed to work with Financial Advisors.

Already experienced? If you are located within the United States, take our assessment to make sure you are qualified to match our Financial Advisor’s needs…

Once you join the team of qualified candidates, we will contact you as soon as we
determine a Financial Advisor with similar working styles and goals.

Newly matched FVA’s and Financial Advisors will work together for a 3-month trial period to ensure a suitable match that exceeds expectations for all involved.

Why join our team of VA candidates?

Rhonda Quade is the trusted leader in matching Financial Advisors with FVA’s. She has a team of both qualified Financial Virtual Assistants and Financial Advisors who are currently looking for help with administrative and marketing support tasks.

How soon will I be matched?

In part, that depends on your level of expertise. If you are new to virtual assistance, the process will need to include certification. If you are an experienced VA with the right credentials, you could start working with new Financial Advisor clients right away.

How can you ensure a good match?

This is the heart of what we do and what sets us apart. Both FVA’s and Financial Advisors go through a rigorous process to discern working styles, needs, dispositions, and goals. Once we find a match, we arrange an initial call, which commences a trial period to ensure a suitable match that exceeds expectations for all involved.

About Rhonda Quade

For more than a decade, Rhonda has been a liaison between clients and remote support team members. Her commitment to service and quality has earned her a distinctive reputation as a client success manager on several virtual assistance teams.

Rhonda’s unique gift of discernment is what sets her apart in her ability to match clients with the best support team members for their temperaments and needs.

With more than 20 years of experience supporting small businesses with project management and administrative assistance, Rhonda knows the exact questions to discern support team matches that last


“She stays on top of the smallest details and provides support and management for multiple projects at once, handling them with accuracy and confidence. Rhonda manages both clients and team members with respect and is completely trustworthy and fair. I highly recommend her!”

Tracy Moore


“She stays on top of the smallest details and provides support and management for multiple projects at once, “…Rhonda works directly with clients on a regular basis, discussing their goals and priorities, and then managing the various team members to make it happen. She has an overall knowledge of online marketing and the various programs needed for that. She is very detail-oriented, which makes her great at what she does!…”

Jama Bryan


“…She’s always ready to lend a hand, and step up when a leader is needed! She is dedicated, reliable, and compassionate.”

Marilyn Stafford


“Rhonda impresses me and our clients on a regular basis. I can depend on Rhonda 100% – total peace of mind for me and our clients.”

Sue Harrawood


“Rhonda impresses me and our clients on a regular basis. “Rhonda is a balanced professional that adds a smile to the fast-paced world of technology development. She has a diverse background covering both technology development and business management.”

Keoki Trask


“…Rhonda is professional but personable, highly organized yet flexible, and always a pleasure to work with.”

Tom Ryan


Invest in the future of your business while actually saving time and money!

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